イベント企画・運営 / Event management & planning



Planning and management of camp-related events. Attract customers using the power of outdoor activities / camping. Support for campsite operation, creation of novelties and flyers, etc.

Regarding the holding of events in Corona, we will create and hold a management procedure manual for each event based on the “The regulations for holding and managing outdoor events under COVID-19 epidemic” created based on each scientific basis in our own regulations.

キャンプ用品・雑貨類買取販売 / Outdoor equipment & knick-knock sales / buying


Buying & sales outdoor equipment & knick-knock especially old Coleman & vintage Coleman.

アウトドア用品修理・メンテナンス / Outdoor equipment repair & maintenance service


Repairing & maintenance service of Coleman lantern, stove and so on.

アウトドア用品企画・販売 / Outdoor equipment producing & sales


Producing & sales original outdoor equipment like lantern gloves / lantern hangers